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Employment information

Recruitment information

At Trust Logistics、

We are looking for staff to work with us。

Beginners welcome!
A qualification support system is also available, so、
Please feel free to contact us even if you do not have a license!

Job type

1.Driver (regular employee)

4It is a job to deliver groceries such as sweets and drinks to supermarkets in Tochigi prefecture by t truck。
The number of deliveries depends on the delivery destination, but if it is near, it will be about 5 per day、Approximately 2 cases in case of distant。
No long distance transport。

Luggage is a cart with casters in the basket、Easy loading and unloading because the truck also has a power gate。
You can concentrate on safe driving because less labor is required for loading and unloading.。

Since it always goes around a fixed route, the end time is almost constant。
It is attractive that you can easily make a private schedule。

2.Operation management
(Regular employee or part can be selected)

It is a job to convey the request of the consignor to the driver。
Telephone reception in the office、Desk work using a computer。



Medium-sized license required (former ordinary license before June 1, 1919 is also OK) There is also a riding class for safe driving、Even if you are not a driver, you can start with confidence.

Currently, our staff in their 20s and 50s are active!

"I can still do my best!"、Positive middle class is also active!

Even if you do not have a medium-sized limited license、We have also prepared a "medium-sized license" acquisition system for those who want to try a driver。

2.Operation management

Those who have an operation manager ID、Those who can operate a simple PC。

Excel、Those who can ward are welcome!

Work location

1962-35 Nishijibe-cho, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture

The delivery destination of the driver is a supermarket in Tochigi prefecture.

Working hours

1.Full-time employee

Work 8 hours, shift system


Desired shift system in 3 to 8 hours of actual work

* There are day shift and night shift

Give with

1.Driver (regular employee)

Monthly salary 210,000-300,000 yen

* Since the overtime fee is set higher、Monthly salary of over 400,000 is possible。

2.Operation management (regular member)

Monthly salary 210,000-250,000 yen

3.Operation management (part)

From 1,000 yen per hour

* Midnight allowance available。

Holiday vacation

6-8 days a month

Other、According to company calendar。

Treatment and welfare

1.Full-time employee / part

Wage increase, transportation expenses paid, uniform loan, car commuting allowed, night shift allowance, dormitory complete

2.Full-time employee

Complete social insurance


Employment and labor accident insurance

* 2 months trial period available

Voices of seniors

I'm doing my best with Trust Logistics
Introducing the voices of seniors。

Contact here

Jobs are being recruited at any time。
Inexperienced people are welcome!
First please feel free to contact us。

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1962-35 Nishijibe-cho, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture

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