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A trip with dogs and autumn leaves

11The moon is nearing the end

Take a doggy 🐶 for a break during this time

I went to Fukuroda Falls and Eigenji Temple to see the autumn leaves 🥰🍁



I could only go to the front of the elevator because there was a doggy

I could see the waterfall 😸😸

The amount of water in the waterfall was lonely because the weather was nice these days.

Still it tastes good 💖




Eigenji was full of maple even though it was called Momijiji 🐾🐾

After all I couldn't put the dog inside, so here

Answering machine by car ...(Lol)


There are many people who love golf in the trust

There was a Jizo with a golf bat, so I took a picture to commemorate it 📷




Corona is also getting infected, so when you go out

Be careful about infection control 🤩🤩🤩

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