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  • 2020October 25

I went to see the autumn leaves 🍁

  The other day, I went to Fukushima to see the autumn leaves because it was a consecutive holiday 🍁 There were a lot of friendly ducks at Lake Inawashiro 🦆 🦆 The autumn leaves of Goshokunuma were still early and I wanted to start coloring 🥺 There weren't many tourists, so the social distance was perfect 🥳🥳🥳 Urabandai is said to have witnessed bears this year as well, so please be careful if you go 🐻🐻

  • 2020June 9, 2016

Company idol 🐶

      It's been a nice day these days, so please be careful about heatstroke. ☼ Today's idol, Pucci, is my company 🎊 I'm a big senior who stays in the company for a longer time than me☆彡

  • 2020May 8
  • 2020May 9

Donation activities to nursing homes

  We make donations every year to a nursing home in Sakura City.。 Again this year with the cooperation of Otani Co., Ltd.、We donated a lot of sweets。 The children at the facility were also delighted。 In the future、We will continue to provide support activities as part of our social contribution activities。

  • 2020May 1
  • 2020May 1

We will continue to increase the number of drivers

It's May from today、With the atmosphere that the emergency declaration is likely to be extended、Concerns about future economic activity。 Even then、Our main product is food、Secure stable delivery operations without being affected by corona。 I feel really thankful。 Also、Increased delivery routes、Request to increase the number of cars、Looking for more drivers。 Please apply for both inexperienced and experienced people。 We look forward to。

  • 2020April 28,
  • 2020May 2

Mask distribution started

I can't see the convergence of the corona yet((+_+)) We mainly deliver to supermarkets、You must pay special attention to health care。 While the masks are still not available as they were before、Drivers are having a hard time securing masks。 So、As a company, I got 2,000 masks this time.(^ O ^)/ Because the job is for the health of the drivers、It ’s not a small amount of money、It will be distributed free of charge。  

  • 2020April 24
  • 2020May 2

Before work at my home 🐶

When I was preparing before going to work, I suddenly approached me and started to nap on my knees. It was pretty cute and I could not move easily.( ´∀` )  

  • 2020April 23,
  • 2020May 2

Animal lover set ②

We have dog lovers as well as cat lovers。 It's my home idol "Hakutan" 🐶! I'm 5 years old this month ❣ I'm a cheerful boy who likes walking.(*‘Ω’ *)    

  • 2020April 22
  • 2020April 23,

Animal lover set

Many of our employees are “cat lovers”。Some employees have more than 10 animals.。 This child is "Kuromame"、I picked up what was thrown away in my baby。 The place to sleep is on the tummy of the owner(^.^)。But、It seems that it will become bad if Fumi Fumi is faced。 He says, "No one likes cats."、In that sense, I think our employees are "only kind people".。

  • 2020April 17,
  • 2020May 2

Corona virus protection

連日のようにコロナウイルスの話題で持ちきりですが 生活必需品の配送を行っている当社はフル活動です! ドライバーの皆さん…毎日お疲れ様です。(__) 当社に来社いただくお客様は1Fフロアに設置されているアルコール消毒を行って頂き マスク着用・書類記載の上お入りいただけますよう 何卒宜しくお願い致します。  

  • 2020April 9
  • 2020May 2

Homepage renewal。