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  • 2020December 8,

Kaiware-chan 🍃

  The end of this year is finally approaching! It seems that he will pass the year while he is fluttering with the delivery of New Year's holidays and possessions this year 😢 omg I will prepare for the New Year from now on 🐶 Also、Since there is no green in the office, I started training Kaiware from this month 🍃

  • 2020November 25
  • 2020November 25

Would you like to join us in Trust Logistics?

Christmas 🎄 and New Year's season、The illuminations are beautiful! There are more opportunities to feel ✨. Our company, which mainly delivers food,、Fortunately, we are doing stable delivery business without being affected by corona ❕ Thank you ❕ Would you like to work at our company that is not easily affected by such corona? All employees are good friends and kind 😆🎵 Please apply by all means, both inexperienced and experienced。 😊 We are waiting for you 😊

  • 2020November 20

A trip with dogs and autumn leaves

11The end of the month is approaching, but during this time I took my dog ​​🐶 to Fukuroda Falls and Eigenji Temple to see the autumn leaves 🥰 🍁 Because there was a dog, I could only go to the front of the elevator. I was able to see the waterfall 😸😸 The amount of water in the waterfall was lonely because the weather was nice recently, but it's still nice to have a taste 💖 Eigenji is full of maple even though it is said to be Momijiji It was 🐾🐾 After all, I couldn't put the dog inside, so here I'm away by car ...(Lol)   There are many people who love golf in the trust, but since there was a Jizo with a golf bat, I took a picture to commemorate it 📷 Corona is also increasing the number of infected people, so when you go out, take measures against infection Be careful 🤩🤩🤩

  • 2020November 12

I'm decorating this year too 🎄

Christmas time is approaching this year as well(੭ ु´ ・ ω ・ `)੭ ु⁾⁾ There is a big white tree at the entrance 🎄🎄🎄 And there is a green Christmas tree near the restroom 🎅🎁 I believe that the company will distribute Christmas cakes on the day 🎂(´;ω;`)🎂

  • 2020October 25

I went to see the autumn leaves 🍁

  The other day, I went to Fukushima to see the autumn leaves because it was a consecutive holiday 🍁 There were a lot of friendly ducks at Lake Inawashiro 🦆 🦆 The autumn leaves of Goshokunuma were still early and I wanted to start coloring 🥺 There weren't many tourists, so the social distance was perfect 🥳🥳🥳 Urabandai is said to have witnessed bears this year as well, so please be careful if you go 🐻🐻

  • 2020June 9, 2016

Company idol 🐶

      It's been a nice day these days, so please be careful about heatstroke. ☼ Today's idol, Pucci, is my company 🎊 I'm a big senior who stays in the company for a longer time than me☆彡

  • 2020May 8
  • 2020May 9

Donation activities to nursing homes

  We make donations every year to a nursing home in Sakura City.。 Again this year with the cooperation of Otani Co., Ltd.、We donated a lot of sweets。 The children at the facility were also delighted。 In the future、We will continue to provide support activities as part of our social contribution activities。

  • 2020May 1
  • 2020May 1

We will continue to increase the number of drivers

It's May from today、With the atmosphere that the emergency declaration is likely to be extended、Concerns about future economic activity。 Even then、Our main product is food、Secure stable delivery operations without being affected by corona。 I feel really thankful。 Also、Increased delivery routes、Request to increase the number of cars、Looking for more drivers。 Please apply for both inexperienced and experienced people。 We look forward to。

  • 2020April 28,
  • 2020May 2

Mask distribution started

I can't see the convergence of the corona yet((+_+)) We mainly deliver to supermarkets、You must pay special attention to health care。 While the masks are still not available as they were before、Drivers are having a hard time securing masks。 So、As a company, I got 2,000 masks this time.(^ O ^)/ Because the job is for the health of the drivers、It ’s not a small amount of money、It will be distributed free of charge。  

  • 2020April 24
  • 2020May 2

Before work at my home 🐶

When I was preparing before going to work, I suddenly approached me and started to nap on my knees. It was pretty cute and I could not move easily.( ´∀` )