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Employment information

Recruitment information In Trust Logistics、 We are looking for staff to work with us。 Beginners welcome! We also have a qualification support system.、 Please feel free to contact us even if you do not have a license! Occupation 1. Driver (regular employee) It is a job to deliver groceries such as sweets and drinks to supermarkets in Tochigi prefecture by 4t truck.。 The number of deliveries depends on the delivery destination, but if it is near, it will be about 5 per day、Approximately 2 cases in case of distant。 No long distance transport。 Luggage is a cart with casters in the basket、Easy loading and unloading because the truck also has a power gate。 You can concentrate on safe driving because less labor is required for loading and unloading.。 Since it always goes around a fixed route, the end time is almost constant。 It is attractive that you can easily make a private schedule。 2.Operation management (regular employee or part-time worker can be selected) It is a job to convey the request of the shipper to the driver。 Telephone reception in the office、Desk work using a computer。 Qualification 1. Driver's medium-sized license (old ordinary license before June 1, 2019 is also OK) There is also a safe driving class、Even if you have no experience as a driver, you can start after gaining confidence. Currently, our staff in their 20s and 50s are active! "I can still do my best!"、Positive middle class is also active! Even if you do not have a medium-sized limited license、We have also prepared a "medium-sized license" acquisition system for those who want to try a driver。 2.Operation management Those who have an operation manager ID、Those who can operate a simple PC。 Excel、ワード出来る方大歓迎! 勤務地 栃木県宇都宮市西刑部町1962-35 ドライバーの配送先は栃木県内のスーパーです。 勤務時間 1.正社員 実働8時間・交替制 2.パート 実働3~8時間で希望シフト制 ※日勤・夜勤があります 給 与 1.ドライバー(正社員) 月給21万~30万円 ※残業代を高めに設定してあるので、Monthly salary of over 400,000 is possible。 2.Operation management (regular employee) Monthly wage 210,000-250,000 yen 3. Operation management (part-time worker) Hourly wage 1000 yen- * Midnight allowance available。 Holidays Holidays 6-8 days a month Others、According to company calendar。 Treatment / welfare 1. Full-time employee / part-time worker raise, transportation expenses, uniform rental, car commuting, night shift allowance, dormitory complete 2. Full-time employee social insurance complete 3. Part-time employment / labor accident insurance complete * Trial period 2 months available Seniors Introducing the voices of seniors who are working hard in trustology。 I have no industry experience、4I didn't have a ton license、I was anxious at first。 I like cars、I had a desire to ride a truck,、It took a lot of money to get a license, so I was worried、Our medium-sized license acquisition support system caught our eye、I ventured into this industry。 My impression now is、Driving a big car is fun、Seniors are all fun people、It is fulfilling every day。 Sometimes I make a mistake and receive severe attention,、There is also a feeling that I am growing everyday、I feel rewarding。 4 months after joining the company Male 22 years old Inexperienced in the industry I was thinking of changing jobs from my previous job、Female、I want a salary、But I don't think there is such a job.、I was worried。If you happen to consult an acquaintance、"Then、What if my company? I was invited. "、I have only driven a light car until now、I thought it was absolutely impossible。 Because it is an old ordinary license、4Even though I was qualified to drive a ton vehicle, I had no confidence to drive。 At the time of the interview、I talked about such things in various ways、"During the acquisition of driving skills、Maybe you should keep a medium-sized license? "、I went to the driving school and got a medium-sized license。 I was saved because I didn't have to pay the initial cost.。 I'm still driving with anxiety,、I said "I'm worried。I'm not confident。During the period、A veteran employee rides sideways、It was helpful because it taught me various things。 I have a family、You can apply for the day off and decide on the desired date.、It's also very helpful in terms of school events。 1st month after joining Female 37 years old Inexperienced in the industry The shipping company I used to work for、It was almost a unloader、Long working hours was commonplace、I was worried about how long I could work in this situation。 At such times、I applied for it after seeing the words "no long-distance", "loading / unloading with a basket car", and "hopeful declaration system during breaks"。 Before joining the company、I changed jobs because I could work longer。 Not forced to work overtime、I can finish my work within 12 hours at the longest、It ’s really good for my physical strength.。 I'm relieved that I can work even if I'm over 60.。 2nd year since joining the company Male 55 years old Industry experienced person Contact us Click here We are looking for jobs at any time。 Inexperienced people are also welcome! First please feel free to contact us。 Click here Navigation Home Company Profile Business Description Employment Information Contact Privacy Policy Disclaimer Site Map […]

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Business description Business description Basic philosophy With our own network、Keep your luggage safe、I will definitely transport it。 Products are created from raw materials、Transportation is involved in the entire process of reaching the consumer.。 inside that、Providing a smoother and safer flow is the basis of our business.。 Our Efforts Nowadays, logistics reorganization is being called for、We have a business structure that can handle it、We will propose to our customers。 Work on 24/7 delivery by freezing truck、We carry out the transportation business in a business form that anticipates the needs of our customers.。 Main delivery destinations Super Otani、 York Benimaru、 Super Value and others、Tochigi、Ibaraki、Chiba、Saitama、Supermarkets in Tokyo Estimates are free. Please leave it to us for transportation.。We will support you in good faith.。 Start with a quote。Of course it's free。 Click here Navigation Home Company Profile Business Details Employment Information Inquiry Privacy Policy Disclaimer Site Map Contact Us Headquarters 1962-35 Nishiosakabemachi, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture 321-0917 Office / Garage Sunatamachi, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture 321-0113 424-20 028-656-8650

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