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Peace of mind and trust

We, Trust Logistics, are transportation companies mainly in Tochigi prefecture that mainly transport food.
In order to meet the diversifying needs of our customers, we provide "safe," "quick," and "reliable" transportation services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


quick response

In addition to regular transportation routes, our company always strives to secure personnel to meet the spot needs of our customers.
Can meet a wide variety of needs at different time zones.
In order to achieve that, allowance should be made in dispatching and staffing.
Always give top priority to the ingenuity of "how to meet customer needs".
As a result, you can immediately decide whether to accept delivery contract.
We take pride in this as "our strength."



Delivering the products we receive to you in a “safe” and “reliable” manner is the basis of the industry.
At our company, we carry out a thorough traffic safety education for all employees every month by our adviser who is a police officer.
We also provide on-the-job safety education by OJT * and on-the-job education on handling luggage.
New employees are thoroughly trained and trained under the guidance of one-on-one veteran drivers, and are working to develop drivers who can ask customers to deliver with peace of mind.

※OJT=On-The-Job Training
(On the job training)

One of the training methods for employees called "in-workplace training" and "in-house education"


Trust Logistics

Would you like to join us in Trust Logistics?

Christmas 🎄 and New Year's season、The illuminations are beautiful! There are more opportunities to feel ✨. Our company, which mainly delivers food,、幸いコロナの影響を受けず安定した配送業務をさせて頂いてます❕ ありがとうございます❕ そんなコロナの影響を受けにくい当社で働いてみませんか? 従業員はみんな仲良し・親切な方ばかりです😆🎵 未経験者も経験者もぜひともご応募ください。 😊 We are waiting for you 😊

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Trust Logistics

A trip with dogs and autumn leaves

11月も終わりに近づいてきましたが このあいだのお休みにわんこちゃん🐶を連れて 袋田の滝と永源寺へ紅葉を見に行ってきました🥰🍁             わんこちゃんがいたのでエレベーターの手前までしか行けませんでしたが 滝は見ることができました😸😸 最近天気のいい日が続いていたので滝の水量はさみしかったですが それでも味があってよきですね💖 永源寺はもみじ寺といわれるだけあってもみじがいっぱいでした🐾🐾 やはりわんこちゃんは中には入れなかったのでここでは 車でお留守番・・・(Lol)   トラストにはゴルフを愛する方が多いのですが ゴルフバットを持ったお地蔵様がいたので記念に写真を撮ってきました📷 コロナもまた感染者が増えてきているので お出かけの際は 感染対策に気を付けましょう🤩🤩🤩

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Trust Logistics

I'm decorating this year too 🎄

Christmas time is approaching this year as well(੭ ु´ ・ ω ・ `)੭ ु⁾⁾ There is a big white tree at the entrance 🎄🎄🎄 And there is a green Christmas tree near the restroom 🎅🎁 I believe that the company will distribute Christmas cakes on the day 🎂(´;ω;`)🎂

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Driver recruitment!!

At Trust Logistics
We are looking for drivers at any time。
condition、Treatment etc.
Please feel free to contact us。
Trust Logistics

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