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Peace of mind and trust

We, Trust Logistics, are transportation companies mainly in Tochigi prefecture that mainly transport food.
In order to meet the diversifying needs of our customers, we provide "safe," "quick," and "reliable" transportation services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


quick response

In addition to regular transportation routes, our company always strives to secure personnel to meet the spot needs of our customers.
Can meet a wide variety of needs at different time zones.
In order to achieve that, allowance should be made in dispatching and staffing.
Always give top priority to the ingenuity of "how to meet customer needs".
As a result, you can immediately decide whether to accept delivery contract.
We take pride in this as "our strength."



Delivering the products we receive to you in a “safe” and “reliable” manner is the basis of the industry.
At our company, we carry out a thorough traffic safety education for all employees every month by our adviser who is a police officer.
We also provide on-the-job safety education by OJT * and on-the-job education on handling luggage.
New employees are thoroughly trained and trained under the guidance of one-on-one veteran drivers, and are working to develop drivers who can ask customers to deliver with peace of mind.

※OJT=On-The-Job Training
(On the job training)

One of the training methods for employees called "in-workplace training" and "in-house education"


Trust Logistics

Company idol 🐶

      It's been a nice day these days, so please be careful about heatstroke. ☼ Today's idol, Pucci, is my company 🎊 I'm a big senior who stays in the company for a longer time than me☆彡

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Trust Logistics

Donation activities to nursing homes

  We make donations every year to a nursing home in Sakura City.。 Again this year with the cooperation of Otani Co., Ltd.、We donated a lot of sweets。 The children at the facility were also delighted。 In the future、We will continue to provide support activities as part of our social contribution activities。

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Trust Logistics

We will continue to increase the number of drivers

It's May from today、With the atmosphere that the emergency declaration is likely to be extended、Concerns about future economic activity。 Even then、Our main product is food、Secure stable delivery operations without being affected by corona。 I feel really thankful。 Also、Increased delivery routes、Request to increase the number of cars、Looking for more drivers。 Please apply for both inexperienced and experienced people。 We look forward to。

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Driver recruitment!!

At Trust Logistics
We are looking for drivers at any time。
condition、Treatment etc.
Please feel free to contact us。
Trust Logistics

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1962-35 Nishijibe-cho, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture

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424-20 Sunamachi, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture

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