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  • 2020November 25
  • 2020November 25

Would you like to join us in Trust Logistics?

Christmas 🎄 and New Year's season、The illuminations are beautiful! There are more opportunities to feel ✨. Our company, which mainly delivers food,、幸いコロナの影響を受けず安定した配送業務をさせて頂いてます❕ ありがとうございます❕ そんなコロナの影響を受けにくい当社で働いてみませんか? 従業員はみんな仲良し・親切な方ばかりです😆🎵 未経験者も経験者もぜひともご応募ください。 😊 We are waiting for you 😊

  • 2020November 20

A trip with dogs and autumn leaves

11The end of the month is approaching, but during this time I took my dog ​​🐶 to Fukuroda Falls and Eigenji Temple to see the autumn leaves 🥰 🍁 Because there was a dog, I could only go to the front of the elevator. I was able to see the waterfall 😸😸 The amount of water in the waterfall was lonely because the weather was nice recently, but it's still nice to have a taste 💖 Eigenji is full of maple even though it is said to be Momijiji It was 🐾🐾 After all, I couldn't put the dog inside, so here I'm away by car ...(Lol)   There are many people who love golf in the trust, but since there was a Jizo with a golf bat, I took a picture to commemorate it 📷 Corona is also increasing the number of infected people, so when you go out, take measures against infection Be careful 🤩🤩🤩

  • 2020November 12

I'm decorating this year too 🎄

Christmas time is approaching this year as well(੭ ु´ ・ ω ・ `)੭ ु⁾⁾ There is a big white tree at the entrance 🎄🎄🎄 And there is a green Christmas tree near the restroom 🎅🎁 I believe that the company will distribute Christmas cakes on the day 🎂(´;ω;`)🎂