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  • 2020May 8
  • 2020May 9

Donation activities to nursing homes

  We make donations every year to a nursing home in Sakura City.。 Again this year with the cooperation of Otani Co., Ltd.、We donated a lot of sweets。 The children at the facility were also delighted。 In the future、We will continue to provide support activities as part of our social contribution activities。

  • 2020May 1
  • 2020May 1

We will continue to increase the number of drivers

It's May from today、With the atmosphere that the emergency declaration is likely to be extended、Concerns about future economic activity。 Even then、Our main product is food、Secure stable delivery operations without being affected by corona。 I feel really thankful。 また、Increased delivery routes、Request to increase the number of cars、Looking for more drivers。 Please apply for both inexperienced and experienced people。 We look forward to。